Helpful Advice When Choosing Suboxone

A Suboxone Doctor Will Prepare You for Quitting

Finding a Suboxone doctor isn’t as easy as simply looking in the phone book or searching on the internet. Not all doctors can prescribe the drug and the ones that do are specially trained for treating opiate addiction. Federal laws limit the amount of patients a doctor can help with Suboxone treatment at any given time.

The main purpose of a Suboxone doctor is to provide the help and treatment needed to get someone off of opiates.
Some people think that medication-assisted treatment is sort of like drug abuse, but nothing could be further from the truth. A Suboxone doctor who treats opiate addiction has the option of utilizing medication assisted treatment, because the simple truth is that most people can’t simply walk away from opiate dependence.

Most individuals aren’t able to change their behavior when it comes to addiction, but it’s a must if the problem is to be dealt with effectively. A person needs to change everything about their life, the way they think, their behavior, who they associate with and their environment-only then will true change take effect.

Matawan NJ Suboxone Doctors

Quitting with Suboxone, Subutex, or Vivitrol Vs “Cold Turkey” Debate

Stopping opiate use “cold turkey” unfortunately, doesn’t work in a lot of situations. Fewer than a quarter of the people who try to quit using opiates are able to stop on their own and remain clean a year later.

Once a person locates a Suboxone doctor and receives medication, it is easier to avoid withdrawal symptoms and stop cravings. Suboxone does not cause the euphoria an opiate-dependent person seeks and it blocks the effects of other opiates for a full 24-hours.

Making the decision to combat opiate addiction with Suboxone

Treatment for opiate addiction using medication doesn’t involve a person having to commit to a long-term rehab program, which is the best option for some. If you or someone you love needs a doctor in the Matawan NJ area, please do not hesitate to reach out and get help because it’ll be the best decision you’ve ever made. Our doctors at Grace Abound Counsling are highly respected, experienced and very responsible. They implement short-term Suboxone taper protocols and prefer to see patients on a bi-weekly basis to monitor medication use and withdrawal symptoms if present.

Suboxone Doctors in Matawan NJ

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