Medication-Assisted Treatment (MAT)

Suboxone Doctor Suboxone Clinic Aberdeen NJAt Grace Abounds Counseling, we pride ourselves on providing treatment on the cutting edge.

40 to 60 percent of those who enter substance abuse treatment relapse the first time around.

Medically Assisted Treatment or {MAT} is for those individuals that require the most advanced, safe and effective treatment of substance abuse.

Addiction is more than a mental and emotional issue; it has a dominant physical component that must be addressed on a physical platform.  The MAT model of treatment entails administering drugs that are cutting-edge in the reduction of relapse and overdose.

In times past, methadone, was the treatment of choice and is still used today. But, it is flawed, due to the risk of becoming addicted to the methadone.  Today, there is a new and effective way to treat addicted individuals. This is called Suboxone, and will block the high from street drugs, preventing a relapse. This MAT model is groundbreaking and we wanted to be a part of it.

A Complete Treatment that Focuses on Real Solutions

What does that mean? It means we take the treatment of the individual very seriously. We offer programs that are separate, yet, interchangeable.  For example, we have the understanding that an individual in the throes of addiction has a root cause for that addiction. These roots may stem from childhood or another source, but, we have the dedicated, professional and licensed staff to deal with the possible root causes through counseling and therapy. 
Grace Abounds Counseling offers:
  • Family Therapy
  • Batterers Counseling
  • Adolescent and Adult Substance Abuse Counseling
  • Couples Counseling
  • Supervised Visitation Goals
 This means the individual can be treated as a whole person and not simply a series of parts. We are proud of this very critical aspect of treatment. Too many times the addiction becomes the focal point of the treatment. But the story of how they got to that point takes a back seat. This is a mistake that typically takes the individual back to square one.

We are there. If there are family issues, or a mental/emotional challenges then they need to be addressed as well. This is part of the substance abuse treatment. We said that addiction is not just emotional and mental but also physical. Once the physical is addressed it is, by the same token, we believe that it would serve the individual to seek help for the root causes of their addiction in the same place where they felt safe in the first place.

We can help you. For more information on this contact us now. 732-696-8162