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Youth Mentoring Services 

Our Mentoring Program is designed to assist at-risk youth who are missing the role that caring adults provide in the development of positive and successful future outcomes.  This program empowers children and adolescents while increasing educational motivation through activities geared to promote positive and healthy choices. The Mentoring Program provides youth mentoring services to school-aged youth from ages five to eighteen.  Services are individualized to provide the most relevant and effective interventions based on focused risk areas.


Mentoring Program Focus Areas:


Mental Health

Our program focuses on both mental health promotion and prevention.  Interventions include screening and assessment, early childhood interventions, individual psychotherapy, and activities surrounding coping skill development and symptom management.


Socio-emotional Health

As self-esteem issues typically develop in early childhood, our program includes interventions and activities surrounding providing positive role models, identifying and addressing irrational self-beliefs, and developing healthy self-concept.



The Mentoring Program includes services geared to promote educational success amongst at-risk youth.  Through tutoring and other academically focused activities, the program aims to improve academic achievement, reduce truancy and disciplinary referrals, and improve the future educational and occupational outlook for at-risk youth.


Substance Use

Substance use among teens is related to poorer outcomes for adolescents and youth.  The Mentoring Program will emphasize drug resistance and reinforcement of anti-drug attitudes through adult facilitation and education based on the health consequences of substance use.



Relationships and connections are essential in promoting the health and positive development of a young person.  The Mentoring Program will provide a consistent and positive support person as well as assist at-risk youth with building a larger healthy support network.  Program providers will work in partnership with family members and caregivers to promote healthy relationship building skills and provide support with managing and resolving conflict within relationships.


Behavioral Problems

The Mentoring Program responds to behavior problems and promotes social and emotional learning through field trips, sporting and recreational activities, and afterschool supervision.  The program provides enrichment, addresses the isolation of some youth from adult contact, and provides support and advocacy for at-risk youth.

Mentoring Program Formats:



The youth will be matched with an adult mentor



When appropriate, younger youth will be matched with older successful program participants for support including orientation into the program, peer attention, and kindness, as well as guidance.  This serves as an opportunity to assist younger youth with acclimating to the program and provide an opportunity to increase self-concept and confidence in older youth.



At least monthly youth will have the opportunity to engage in group-focused activities to foster interpersonal and relationship building skills.


Multilingual Services