Clinical Supervision

Supervision Professional Disclosure Statement
Felicia Etuke, MA, LPC, LCADC, NCC, ACS
Grace Abounds Counseling & Psychological Consulting, LLC.
1208 Route 34, Tower 2, Suite #20
Aberdeen, NJ 07747
Tel: (732) 696-8162


Degrees and Credentials

• PhD, General Psychology (Candidate), Capella University
• MA, Professional Counseling, Liberty University

• Licensed Professional Counselor (NJ License # 37PC00483400)
• Licensed Clinical Alcohol & Drug Counselor (NJ License # 37LC00215000)

Supervision Training & Experience

I successfully completed 30 hours of workshop training in clinical supervision in 2014. My training covered the nine core content areas as approved by the Center for Credentialing and Education. These include:
– Roles and functions of a clinical supervisor
– Models of clinical supervision
– Professional development
– Methods/techniques in clinical supervision
– Cultural issues in clinical supervision
– Group supervision
– Legal/ethical issues in clinical supervision
– Evaluation of supervisee competence and the supervision process.
In addition to the above training, I have been providing clinical supervision to a variety of clinicians from diverse ethnicities and theoretical orientations, since 2014. I also provide supervision to clinicians who are working towards their LPC and LCADC. I provide weekly supervision to my staff. Additionally, my organization provides internship experience to Mental Health graduate students from local and out of state universities. I have an obligation, according to the university’s policy, to provide weekly supervision to the interns.

Clinical Counseling Experience and Theoretical Orientation

I am a therapist, licensed in the State of New Jersey, as a Licensed Professional Counselor (LPC), and Licensed Clinical Alcohol and Drug Counselor (LCADC). I provide different counseling services, such as individual counseling, child and adolescent psychotherapy, adult counseling, couples and family counseling, and group counseling. My areas of specialization include domestic violence, sexual assault, and abuse, trauma, behavior modification, substance abuse, anxiety, depression, posttraumatic syndrome disorder (PTSD), anger management, etc. I work with a broad spectrum of clients, with over ten years of experience working with victims of domestic violence. I work from a humanistic and empathetic standpoint, and at the same time, respecting my clients’ experiences and confidentiality. I work to develop a professional relationship with my clients that fosters a healthy environment for growth. This relationship is built on trust, which invariably, facilitates and strengthens the recovery process.
I integrate complementary and eclectic methodologies and techniques to offer a highly personalized and individualized approach, tailored to each client. I employ client-centered and solution-focused approaches to help unearth the individual’s true potential, in spite of past experiences.
Professional Memberships and Associations
America Psychological Association (APA)
America Psychotherapy Association (APA)
American Association of Christian Counselors (AACC)

Approach to Supervision

I use an eclectic, integrative, and developmental approach to Clinical Supervision. Supervision is considered a large part of an exploration and development of your own individual therapeutic “style.” This will inevitably enhance your skills of any independent style you may ascribe, without taking away counseling therapeutic techniques that are important in the field. The two most critical skills to learn are the way you build and maintain relationships with your clients and self-care.

Methods and Modalities of Supervisee Training
• Individual and group weekly supervision sessions as necessary
• Group supervision, when appropriate
• Feedback and guidance on counseling techniques, application of theories, differential diagnosis, and ethics
• Review of case notes and other documentation and/or recorded client sessions, as deemed appropriate.
• If desired Supervisees may also receive monitoring for professional development, including starting a private practice.


The issues you discuss in supervision will be confidential with the following exceptions:
1) Your performance and conduct in this clinical experience will be described in general terms when I submit quarterly reports and verification of supervision forms to the NC Board of Licensed Professional Counselors and other credentialing boards or when consultation with another professional is necessary.
2) If I am asked to provide information about your clinical experience in the form of a recommendation for a job, licensure, or certification.
3) Disclosures made in triadic or group supervision cannot be absolutely guaranteed as confidential. Although I will take every measure to encourage confidentiality and act appropriately if confidentiality is not upheld.
4) If the supervisee exhibits signs of impairment
5) If a child, elderly person, or dependent person is being abused


Compensation will be $100.00 per hour, for individual supervision, and $50.00 for group supervision, payable at the beginning of the session. We accept major credit cards.

Supervisee’s Responsibilities in Supervision

1) Prepare for and attend sessions.
2) Complete homework or assignments.
3) Watch videotapes of counseling sessions and complete a tape critique.
4) Keep the supervisor informed regarding all client issues and progress.
5) Maintain liability insurance at all times (minimum $1M single incident/ $3M aggregate)

Supervisor’s Responsibilities in Supervision

1) Prepare for and attend all sessions.
2) Provide feedback for each session and a formal evaluation at each quarter and at the end of the supervision contract.
3) Review client case notes and other materials for quality control purposes.
4) Complete supervision record at each supervision session.
5) Maintain licensure as a clinical supervisor in NC and status as an NBCC approved clinical supervisor.

Limits of Supervisor Responsibility

I will provide you with consultation on your clients that you present to me through case records, audio/videotapes, and case presentations. I am not responsible in any way for your entire caseload or clients that you do not present for my consultative feedback.

Emergency Contact

In case of an emergency, you can reach me by phone at (732) 939-0355. I can also be reached via email. My business email address is

Code of Ethics

As your supervisor, I will adhere to the ACS Code of Ethics, as well as the ACA Code of Ethics. You are responsible for following the Code of Ethics applicable to your credentialing body.

Complaint Procedures

If you are dissatisfied with any aspect of the supervisory counseling process, please inform me so we can determine if our work together can be more efficient and effective or whether a referral would be appropriate. If you think I have treated you unfairly or unethically, and we cannot resolve the problem, contact:

New Jersey Board Marriage & Family Therapy Examiners
P. O. Box 45007
NJ 07101

Acceptance of Terms

We agree to these terms and will abide by these guidelines.

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Supervisor: _________________________ Date: ___________