Batterers Intervention Program

Grace Abounds Counseling & Psychological Consulting (GACPC) is licensed to use the internationally acclaimed and evidence-based Duluth Model Men’s Nonviolence Program. The Duluth Model focuses on two primary goals

To improve the safety of the victim, mostly women, and children

And holding the batterer accountable for the violence s/he commits

Structure of the Weekly Classes

Our batterer’s intervention program, Non-Violence Intervention Program (NVIP) consists of two tracks: The Standard Track and Accelerated Track. The Standard Track is a 27 week program (including the orientation), facilitated in a group format in our office, for both our Spanish and English speaking participants.

The Accelerated Track is a more intensive program that runs for 14 – 16 weeks, for two hours per week. This track is conducted on an individual basis in the office and/or within the community. Both tracks consist of an orientation. The curriculum is structured around ten themes, and each theme is further divided into three part sub-titles. The themes include the following:

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  1. Nonviolence
  2. Nonthreatening Behavior
  3. Respect
  4. Trust and Support
  5. Honest and Accountability
  6. Responsible Parenting
  7. Shared Responsibility
  8. Economic Partnership
  9. Sexual Respect, and
  10. Negotiation and Fairness