Anger Management


At Grace Abounds Counseling we have a comprehensive anger management program with highly skilled, licensed, professionals to facilitate them. In anger management counseling you will learn many important aspects. And will be able to heal them at a pace that is good for you.

  • The identification of your personal anger triggers.
  • Learning specific skills to handle your triggers
  • Pinpoint illogical thinking
  • Calming Skills
  • Express yourself assertively
  • Problem Solving Skills
  • Effective Communication

Anger management counseling in Aberdeen New Jersey

In these sessions the result-based foundation is discovering the cause, the effect, and the consequences that arise when you fail to manage anger. This means from broken relationships to jail time. The participant will learn the core causes of anger and what types of situations will promote anger. Impulse control is also key to the learning process. Use anger management techniques and develop planned responses as well as learning that behavior is a choice. Grace Abounds will lend the participant the chance to self identify their core anger issues in a safe, open friendly space.

We do what gets results, so to us, any counseling at Grace Abounds is a thorough experience. It is designed to offer the program to the individual offender. Regardless of what circumstance brought the offender to the counseling program, they can expect individualized treatment and a high degree of efficacy. Within the anger management program, we are focusing on the whole individual. How this problem arose is just as important to look at for guidance as to how to address the individual person.

A person with an anger issue is someone with a past and possibly a present that was not easy. The most important thing to remember is that the past need not be a barometer for the future. Many ask if anger can be cured. Anger is a natural emotion that is meant for our survival and is experienced by everyone. Anger becomes an issue when it is uncontrolled and affects not only the life of the person with anger issues but those around them. We’re here to make sure history does not repeat itself with results-based anger management counseling. 


We serve the areas of NJ, Matawan, Aberdeen, Freehold, Neptune, and Middletown