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Suboxone Doctor Matawan New JerseyWhy Suboxone Benefits Addiction Rehab

Rehab, and its various institutions have gotten, as of late, a bad rap for being too fast on the draw on recovery time. Some, have even been accused of being a veritable drive through, fast-food style rehab. It doesn’t make it easy for an emerging drug treatment like Suboxone to get the positive press it deserves. Here we’ll educate you on what this is, and why it actually assists the rehabilitation process.

What is Suboxone?

Suboxone for the lay person can be explained like this. It is a drug that is only akin to methadone because it’s used to treat addiction and prevent relapse. But, there is something special about Suboxone that places it in another class altogether.

This drug, once inside the system of the participant will block any receptors to other street drugs that the addicted individual may take. It, like methadone can be used at home safely by the user, but in a sublingual film or in an injection at a licensed and staffed Suboxone clinic.

The most important part of Suboxone is that it allows the addicted individual go home and take the medication or, go into a clinic to receive the drug. It gives the individual the space away from the risk of relapse to handle the root cause of the addiction. This is the single most critical time. For people coming out of rehab on methadone which is addictive in the first place and relapsing, this is ridiculous. It robs the individual of the head-space to recover correctly.

This is a breakthrough drug that though it gets stigma because it’s treatment for drug abuse with a drug. But, that is a perspective issue. It’s also an attitude issue which is what a stigma really is.

But, we must as ourselves, do we have the time for stigmas? For all the days that we focus on stigma, there are countless lost souls that relapse time after time. We are talking thousands if not millions that will eventually need our help. We don’t feel that it is realized the magnitude of the addiction issue. It is not only a few handfuls of people who just couldn’t live their life right. This, is an even more dangerous stigma than that of the drug stigma. This is what really kills. Sure, a lot of people will make it whether or not they are blessed to try a new groundbreaking drug, but, there are far more that will not make it because of the public belief that only certain people have a substance abuse problem.

The truth of the matter is, children of age 12 and above, are in need of treatment every year. Addicts are from all walks of life as well as socioeconomic backgrounds.

The time is now to step out and take a chance with respect to all forms of healing with an open mind.
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