Opiate Addiction – A Nationwide Epedemic

At a Center for Disease Control event for physicians back in 2011 the climate was already thick with the knowledge that opiate addiction from prescription drugs was at epic proportions. OxyContin and Vicodin were the two largest culprits discussed at the event.

Heroin and Painkiller Overdoses on the Rise

Many believe heroin to be the biggest killer but that is because it’s a street-drug and you can more readily see the deaths happening in the street due to that opiate. And let there be no mistake, heroin is a killer and a big one. But, it was astounding how many deaths via pain-killers alone are involved.

This is a sad situation since there is another misconception brewing that directly affects the treatment these people receive. A great majority of these people addicted to pain killers don’t fit the stigma they are so unfairly given. We here at the Grace Abounds Counseling understand several things that other less-experienced medical teams may not.

Firstly, let us state that, whatever the reason an individual gets hooked on drugs or alcohol and decides to self-medicate is not for us to judge. We in no way believe that there is any better type of person that gets hooked on drugs. But, because there is a stigma, it hurts those who because of injury either on the job or otherwise, or from a medical condition outside the individual’s control, they are prescribed pain killers.

Suboxone Doctor Aberdeen NJ

None-user to Opiate Addict

A majority of these people have maybe never taken a drug in their lives, they were fit and healthy once. The emotional and mental toll the loss of a once normal life is deadly. All the pressure this causes and the fact that they have no choice in the matter compounds the situation. This means it’s even more essential that there is space for people to get the treatment they need for the core issue.

Suboxone is a breakthrough drug that can do that. At a certain dose, Suboxone, an opiate will block the receptors to the drugs they are addicted to. This, without the fear of becoming addicted to the recovery drug itself. This allows the freedom and space to live as normal and functional a life as possible.

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