Narcan is not a cure all for opiate addiction in Middletown NJ

Reports from police and first responders and Suboxone Doctor in Middletown are stating that the opioid addiction is not slowing down. There has been a little too much excitement and unrealistic expectation about NARCAN use. Did this city, like many others around the country sit on their laurels because they believed that NARCAN would save the day? If they have, which is what we suspect, the consequences are rearing their ugly heads and it doesn’t seem to be getting any better. So why is this happening? The answer is anything but simple.

A new issue is appearing:
Heroin abuse is spiking for sure but according to Suboxone Doctors in Middletown it has made its way out of the cities and into the suburbs. Middle class caucasians are the highest number of those who take part in opioid abuse. According to studies, a high number of them are being caused by teens and young adults abusing painkillers. The most common source is that of the parents medications and a small percentage of the youth’s medications being abused.

Suboxone doctor middletown nj

Rising numbers don’t lie:
In 2014 the number jumped two times from what it was in 2010 reaching 781 overdose deaths. Suboxone Doctors in Middletown are scrambling to keep up with the volume. But, they are quite certain that they can do the work. But, at the same time, they know it takes a village. Yes, it’s the same outlook as childcare. It takes a village to address an issue. The problem is this: folks who don’t believe it affects them may disagree with the “village” mindset. What they fail to realize is, this problem affects us all in every city and suburb. It will affect the way we live in regards to the quality of life. It will affect our finances in regards to city spending and NARCAN distribution by first responders. And it will affect funding by the state and county for most-times substandard treatment and fraudulent, dangerous half way homes in neighborhoods they don’t belong in posing a danger to both the residence in some cases and even more likely, the person seeking help.


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