Suboxone Doctors Matawan New Jersey
01, October 2016

The Benefits of Medication-assisted Treatment (MAT)

Key Benefits of Using Suboxone The primary goal of medication assisted treatment is to help alleviate the cravings and withdrawal symptoms associated with opiate addiction. Along with counseling and therapy, this type of drug treatment can help somebody modify their [ read more ... ]

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29, September 2016

Opioid Abuse is a Serious Problem

Opiate Abuse is a Serious Problem - Is Suboxone a Solution? Some people believe that an opiate abuse problem isn’t quite as serious as an addiction, but that’s not true. Drug abuse can quickly develop into a physical dependence issue, it’s only a matter of time. [ read more ... ]

Suboxone Doctor Matawan NJ
28, September 2016

Opiate Addiction Kills – No Addict Need Die

Combat Opiate Addiction with Suboxone Drug addiction will have major effects on a person’s body, and the longer drugs are used the greater the dependency becomes. With time, a person might find themselves taking more and more of the drug of choice in order to [ read more ... ]